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03 MAR 2024 | 6PM

The Guidance You Need for Profitable Trading


About this Service

ForexTradingTips is an alerts service for trading ideas on currencies that uses smart money pressure against the US dollar supply and demand to gain insights where and when currencies are likely to rise or fall.

All the research is done behind the scenes.

We spend our time analyzing the myriad of fundamental data and price action required to form a basis of price valuation.


With a proven history of correctly identifying price direction and timing, you don't need to do anything but take a look at what I'm trading. 


Swing Trading is my favourite strategy that can pay within one day to two weeks. This irons out the bumps and increases the risk:reward to a favourable ratio for a longer term positive result.

Patience  is paramount.

So is risk management!

Entries, stop loss and target profit prices are emailed out to members.

If you choose to follow my ideas, ensure that if you miss an entry price, place the trade at the same entry point and wait for price to come back to fill your trade. This may mean you miss the trade - JUST WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE. This will keep your risk down. Never chase price!

There is no need to watch the charts, just set the trade and forget. However if you want to refine your entry, wait for a 15 minute candle pattern and enter at a better price.

Things are about to get exciting!

Always trade within your means. Aim to risk a maximum of 2% of your capital per position. This will allow you to take multiple trades on a few different currencies within the month.

Trading History
What You Get

Members Receive:


Simple trade ideas that have returned 80% winning trades.

Actual entry prices, stop loss price and the target profit price for each currency.

A proven risk to reward ratio averaging 1:3

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